Bioresonance According To

Paul Schmidt

Bioresonance is practiced around the globe by individual practitioners and doctors. It harmonizes and boosts the various bio-electrical signature patterns produced by the body to restore health and combat illnesses. It has been dependably effective for a wide variety of health problems.

Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic frequencies generated by the body to detect the presence of parasites, bacteria, toxins, and other health disrupters, and to help eliminate them. Ever y cell produces tiny electromagnetic vibrations. Cells that are in good health emit harmonious signals. Toxins or microbes that infect a cell add their own frequencies and distort the cell’s natural signal. This investigation of electromagnetic energy produced by living cells began with Russian engineer Geor ges Lakhovsky, who published the Secret of Life in 1925.

The Basis of Bioresonance

All cells, organs, bones, muscles, and tissue vibrate at their own rate or frequency and make up the Body Energy Field (BEF). Therefore the whole body has a complex frequency make up which can change or become distorted when affected by illness or toxic substances.

Bioresonance therapy deals with the real underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases. According to a scientist, Pschinger, the real cause of chronic disease, is the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the connective tissue, i.e. the space between the cells in the tissues of the body. Accumulated toxins reduce the cell’s vitality and block the cells’ ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and eliminate metabolic wastes. The toxins eventually enter the cells and produce symptoms of chronic illness.

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