Cancer Treatment


Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt provides comprehensive sets of programs to support cancer treatment. Based on the three main causes of cancer i.e. too much toxins in the body, lack of oxygen and weak immune system, support for cancer treatment can thus be done via the following steps and programs on need basis.

1. Removing Toxins from the Body

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt provides the following programs to remove toxins from the body:

3151 Detoxication blood system 3160 Detoxication liver
3152 Detoxication lymphatic system 3161 Detoxication intestines
3153 Detoxication acidosis 3162 Detoxication kidney
3154 Detoxication extra-cellular 3163 Detoxication bladder
3155 Detoxication intra-cellular 3164 Detoxication women female/specific
3156 Detoxication mucous membrane 3165 Detoxication skin
3157 Detoxication lung 3166 Detox of endotoxins
3158 Detoxication stomach 3167 Detox of exotoxins
3159 Detoxication pancreas 3168 Detoxication by chlorophyll a nad b
2. Harmonizing the Burden Caused by Harmful Substance

There are three main categories of harmful substances in our body i.e. heavy metals, pesticides and environmental toxins. They can be harmonized via the following programs:

0811 Palladium 0830 Spider and snake venoms 0886 Benzene
0812 Silver 0850 Pesticides complete 0887 Benzpyrene
0813 Cadmium 0851 Fungicides (fungus) 0888 DDT
0814 Platinum 0852 Herbicides (weeds) 0889 Formaldehyde
0815 Gold 0853 Insecticides (insects) 0890 Lindane
0816 Mercury 0854 Molluscicides (snails) 0891 Pentachlorophenol (PCP)
0817 Lead 0855 Vermicides (parasitic worms) 0892 Phtalates
0856 Rodenticides (rodents) 0893 Polychlorinated biphenols
0857 Miticides (mites) 0894 Tobacco toxins / tobacco smoke
3. Restoring the Health of Detox Organs

Our body has six main detox organs i.e. Spleen, Colon, Liver, Kidney, Lung and Skin. Their health can be restored via 3 approaches i.e. harmonizing the organ directly, harmonizing the pathologies associated to the organ, and harmonizing the germs (and meridians) causing burden to the organ. For example, programs for kidney are:

4411 Renal pelvis 4505 Kidney failure 2066 Gardnerella vaginalis
4412 Renal calices 4510 Glomerulonephritis 2114 Escherichia coli
4413 Renal papilae 4511 Membranous glomerulonephritis 2116 Proteus mirabilis
4414 Renal medulla 4512 Tubulo-interstitial glomerulonephritis 2117 Proteus vulgaris
4415 Renal cortex 4515 Nephrosis (protein-losing kidney) 2463 Schistosoma haematica
4416 Renal hilus 4516 Glomerulopathy 2464 Schistosoma masoni
4417 Renal glomerul 4520 Renal artery stenosis 2465 Urocieidus
4525 Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) 2541 Trichomonas vaginalis
4530 Pyelonephritis (kidney infection) 2585 Blood Parasites
4535 Inflammation of the bladder 2586 Pneumpcystis carinii
4540 Inflammation of the urethra 2711 Candida albicans
4545 Diabetic nephropathy
4. Restoring the Health of the Lymphatic System

The primary function of the Lymphatic System is to transport lymph, a clear, colorless fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells throughout the body to get rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. Its health can be restored via the following programs:

3610 Lymphatic tracts 3710 Lymph vessel inflammation 3761 Detoxication rheumatic toxines
3620 Lymph nodes 3711 Lymph vessel degeneration 3762 Detoxication vaccination lesions
3640 Tonsils 3712 Swelling of a lymph node 3770 Detoxication metals complete
3650 Thymus gland 3713 Lymph flow disorder 3771 Detoxication palladium
3660 Spleen 3714 Tonsillitis – acute 3772 Detoxication cadmium
3670 Peyer’s patches 3715 Lymphatic oedema 3773 Detoxication mercury
3680 Appendix 3730 Spleen strengthening 3774 Detoxication platinum
3740 Thymus gland strengthening 3775 Detoxication copper
3750 Appendicitis 3776 Detoxication nickel
3760 Symptomatic detoxication 3777 Detoxication lead